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Who is this guy?

The theatre was in Feargus’ blood from a young age, after a succesful transfusion it was removed from the blood and now is simply a passion as it should be, rather than some white blood cell baiting impediment. He was breast-fed in Box C of Bath’s 1000+ seater Theatre Royal, at the age of 15. Months people, you sicken me.  He started acting when he was thirteen joining the Theatre Royal Bath’s Young People’s Theatre. He played numerous roles, but two that stick out are the week-long run in the aforementioned main house as Smee in Peter Pan, and the role of Prick in War Daddy. He is to this day worried as to how he got the role. War Daddy was a co-commision with the American Conservatory Theatre (A.C.T), San Francisco. As part of the project Feargus trained with the A.C.T in San Francisco gaining their summer diploma.

Feargus then went on to train as an actor at Bretton Hall where he excelled in both comic and classic roles; gaining a first for his tragi-comic portrayal of an Irish Catholic father whose daughter was pregnant, and filled a room with light as a technologically enhanced Oberon. He developed a great love of Shakespeare, and continues to pursure this interest fully. Feargus was lucky enough to take part in a verse workshop with Sir Peter Hall and found the experience invaluable.

Feargus has no idea why he is writing in the third person, or why he decided this page would be so dull. He co-founded and runs New Old Friends theatre company. We make shows we’d like to see; they’re funny.


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Actually honey bun, you were breastfed at only 5 days old during a preformance of The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. I don’t want people to think I was an over indulgent mother…….

Comment by Jane C Woods

You forgot to mention his growling!

Comment by Laura

Why San Fran and not New York?

Comment by beforemybigbreak

Because ACT was the only place with a ‘twinning’ style operation working with Bath. It’s awesome too.

Comment by feargy

HAha, i just read this whole thing and I was sitting thinking “why is this due writing in third person”. At least you noticed and don’t know why either, haah.

Comment by Jenna

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