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Check out the awesome line-up for next month’s Pick & Mix. It’s gonna be SO good. There are a couple of acts still deciding, including our favourite street magician. Well excited. Here’s the poster. Click here for tickets.


Please Help

Hello all,

Could you please tell me which of the two very similar designs you prefer? More or less reviews/quotations.


Lazy lazy Feargy

I’ve been at a meeting with the excellent Natural Theatre Company helping plan out the template for their educational package today. It was a fun meeting, very theatre, everyone sat around a table with a flip chart and cups of coffee. Very informal, it cracked me up how close to the stereotype it played.

As fun as it was, it was actually pretty tiring which coupled with a lack of sleep last night has left me shattered and lazy in terms of blogging. Need to conserve my strength as I’m off to see Inception tonight. Was foiled in my attempt last week so had to settle for the lovely Toy Story 3. I end with a trailer for Inception.

Being Funny

I’m currently in the middle of writing Anti-Panto and it is tough work. The plot is all there; Cinderella meets North by North West. I’ve mapped out all the scenes and how I want them to play out, but now I’ve actually got to get in there and write the dialogue. The show IS a pantomime so I want to keep some of that  style of stuff, but it isn’t a family show. It’s older, and I don’t want to lose the audience by talking down to them. The brilliantly bizarre comic Mitch Hedburg once said of being a comedy writer: “My job is to think of something funny and then write it down. Unless I can’t find a pen, in which case I have to convince myself that what I thought of wasn’t funny.” He’s got a point. Trying to be funny is so difficult on a deadline.

I’m writing stuff and then realising that 5 lines have gone past without a gag, so I have to create one. When you’ve set your head to “funny” you can’t be sure what is laugh out loud good and what is simply amusing. This blog I’m writing right now for example is neither. I’ll pep it up with an old joke: do you say nee-ther or nigh-ther? Oh come on, you must use one! Comedy gold there. You see what I’m up against.

What is another word for synonym?

Comedy Gold!

Hey You! Comedy Gold!

So, Feargy is going to be on the radio. It’s official, great. In other awesome news: Radio 4play is hilarious, a probable show stealer from the delightful lump that is Heffa. Also happening the the Friends Old Newniverse the gallery is up and running, so mosey on over and have a nosey. For some reason both slideshow versions crop the images bizzarely so it’s best to click on a thumbnail and then use the next arrow to view them. Don’t blame me. Blame it on the Boogie. Which is not a defence that stands up in court I’m afraid, particularly if you’re on a dangerous driving rap.

Speaking of rap, Feargy is back to attack all those haters who crap and take crack, to admire spice racks in clogs clackety clack cos your rhymes are so whack. Woooord! I’m so bad ass.

Sketchy at Best
June 9th, 8pm
The Rondo, Larkhall
Tickets £10/£8
Box Office 01225 463362

Charley boy meet Big Willius

So last night I was sent on a very fancy gig in London taaan. It was in a house so posh the Pope himself has visited and blessed the chapel there. I shit you not. In the living room there is a signed photo of Prince Charles signed ‘Charley’ you know you’ve made it when you’re kicking nick-names with the next in line to the throne. I’m working on getting one from William sign ‘Big Willius’ I think it has a certain ring.

I actually have a photo but have been asked not to disclose too much information or show the images, and as they were such lovely hosts I’m inclined to obey. Not to mention the fact that they could probably have me removed if they desired.

I’ve rather been neglecting Big Willy from West Philly recently. Even if I don’t blog about him he still wins by default so have no fear. But, today there is news: He is still freaking awesome. “All you rappers talking ’bout who you put in a hearse, do me a favour right just one verse without a curse.”  HE AM LEGEND.

Today I’m going to write an antipathic anthem for the World Cup, so far all I’ve got is “Who cares Rooney scored, its just a group game and already I’m bored. Please please no more about Fabio, its the middle of June and its all just so drabbio.” Ok, it needs work and I’m fairly sure drabbio isn’t a word. But you get the idea. More on this later.


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