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Venue Interview

Hello everyone, thought you might want to read this interview in this week’s Venue.

Venue Interview


Good Day

So today I had a meeting with an agent – Room3 – and on my way over I get a phone call from the lovely Helen Chamberlain at the Natural Theatre Company and she offers me a gig in Frankfurt Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday next week. I have to rearrange a meeting with top-class tour booker and generally great bloke Mark Makin but he’s cool with it so I can do the gig. But it gets better; Helen then asks me if Heff, the delightful, delovely, desmokinghot, Heff is available to do the gig too! So I call Heff she asks the powers that be at her work and gets the time off so we’re off to Frankfurt at the start of next week. Awesome town huh? Then I make it to the meeting with Kate from Room3, it goes really well, I like her she likes me yadda yadda yadda and I’m home by 1 o’clock with representation and a gig in Germany. A bloody good day I think you’ll agree. Plus, the sun is shining and I’m playing a round of golf with Sparks tomorrow. Hooray for today!

We need you!

Well we have re-cast little Adrian Hamilton in the form of Doron Davidson. Doron is very lovely. He is an ex-lawyer would you believe, we’re thinking of filing a lawsuit against someone just to test his story out. He is a whopping great 6’5″ making me no longer the tallest in the company and bringing the average height of the group to 6’3″ which must be some kind of comedy record. Surely.

His audition blew us away, we dropped the C-bomb in his monologue and then laughed heartily at our sketches, good signs. We thought it very brave to C-bomb potential employers, particularly as one of them is a girl with a particularly squeemish attitude to the word. Of course he didn’t know that at the time. So anyway, he popped over last night to take some shots that I could then photoshop into a lovely little flyer to promote the show. Ian at the Rondo has kindly agreed to print up some double sided flyers with this on one side and an Anti-Panto preview on the other which we will distribute at our Arthur Smith gig.

Doron is the one at the top of the flyer, you didn’t think I’d let you go without begging for feedback did you?! It has gone to print today as a flyer, but we like it so much we think we’re going to keep it as the poster, but before we do that please please please share your thoughts. Oh an book tickets, it’s piss funny.

Promotional materials for Sketchy at Best

Come see the show it's awesome!

Don’t you think he bears a bit of a resemblance to Josh? Only a bit obviously. A sort of more grown up Josh?

Top secret shiz

Wow. As you lot know, recently I’ve actually got my butt in gear and have started getting busy in the local theatre scene. It’s paying dividends, people are excited by the company and now me in general. Last night I received a provisional and secret job offer in the area.

While I can’t talk about the specifics of the role it is pretty exciting and fits in with my aim to open theatre up as an entertainment option for young professionals. I’ll keep you posted as and when I can.

Important casting news…

Hello all. I know you’re all eager to hear who has been cast to fill the gargantuan shoes left by Adrian Hamilton in Sketchy at Best, but as yet the shoes are left un-footed. We will be inviting applicants to audition/have a chat next weekend, but submissions must be in by this Friday to be considered. We’ve had some quality people on paper but there is still time for two or maybe three more to make it into the conversation. So if you want to be part of the “Hottest comedy team in the South West” a team who perform with the likes of Arthur Smith, a team who are comissioned to produce the Christmas show at the Rondo theatre this year, a team who failed to qualify for this year’s FIFA World Cup, a teaim that does include an I. Basically, if you’d like to do a bit of live comedy and get paid for it;

Send us a funny application to mail[at] this will be the last call! DUN DUN DAAH!

Keep ’em Coming

Oh, I wrote this yesterday but for some reason it didn’t post. So here it is again.

So the submissions keep rolling in. We’ve assembled a nice looking short list, but we still feel there is someone out there who fits the bill perfectly. The ideal situation is a short (sub 5′ 10″) man with non-brown hair and a beard. But the real killer is comic timing, you don’t have to be personally funny in terms of what you say (it helps) but you need to know WHEN to say it. There is a wave to good timing; it starts fairly high, so if you come in quick you get a good laugh, it then tails off for a bit with the expected laugh getting smaller, then at some point it peaks and if you hit that you get a monster rolling laugh. The problem is that the peak point is constantly changing based on your audience, preceeding gags, type of gag etc. If you think you’ve got that instinct please let us know at mail[at]

When you’re applying bear in mind you’re applying for a comic role, simple “I’d like to be seen for this.” Messages are a bit dull, take a shot even if you miss we’ll at least think about it.

Casting Opportunity

These are exciting times for myself and my role withing New Old Friends, right now the website is getting updated by Josh and I’ve just finished sending a barrage of Emails and phonecalls to various people and organisations about funding and venues for Anti-Panto our irreverant Christmas comedy opening this year at the Rondo.

However, more immediately exciting is the deluge of applications we’re currently having to fill Adrian Hamilton’s shoes in our hilarious sketch show Sketchy at Best. As regular readers know we’ve been schlepping our schtick around the schircuit, wait, circuit. And Sketchy at Best is the culmination of all those little nuggets of comedy gold in one fun-packed evening. Josh will hopefully be purloining equipment from Hicks-Jaggi film productions to film the event and we’ll keep you posted.

So the CV’s are rolling in. Are you local to the Bath area? Do you know funny? Do you look funny? Do you SMELL funny? This is a great opportunity to work with “The hottest comedy team in the South West” – Somerset Times  and have a great time doing it. Email a CV and cover letter to mail[at] if you’d like to be considered.