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Check this out!

Check out the awesome line-up for next month’s Pick & Mix. It’s gonna be SO good. There are a couple of acts still deciding, including our favourite street magician. Well excited. Here’s the poster. Click here for tickets.


Please Help

Hello all,

Could you please tell me which of the two very similar designs you prefer? More or less reviews/quotations.


A sneak peek at next season…

Ok for all you eager beavers here is a sneak peak at the Rondo’s Autumn Season 2010. On sale July 19th!

Rondo Autumn Season 2010

Check it out, I particularly recommend December 8-11!

Feedback please

Hello there, how are we all?

I’m doing just dandy, thanks for asking. Oh you didn’t ask? How rude!

OK, I need feedback. No, not that whiney microphone/speaker situation, feedback as in critical repsonses.

We have two prospective Anti-Panto! images, that are vying for brochure space. The show is a alternative pantomime aimed at young professionals, it will have drinking and adult humour in it. Probably audience participation in one or both of those! So with that said, please pick your favourite image:

Image Number 1


Image Number 2

Please please please comment with views. Deadline is Friday. Last Friday actually, but I’ve secured wiggle room.


With Sketchy at Best’s preview out of the way with good reviews “Riotous…the lady next to me started hooting.” – Venue. It is time for the Anti-Panto production machine to start spluttering into life. The print deadline for The Rondo’s brochue was…well Friday, but we didn’t have an image then. We do now, what do you think of it? Yes Josh, I know I’ve used your face, but you like that!

Please leave comments, while it’s likely too late to stop it going in the brochure. The poster/flyer run is a long way away. Thoughts please.


Ok, today I must be brief. I’ve just spent quite a while deliberating on which shots to use for Sketchy at Best‘s press. I’ve settled on these four, what do you think?

Sketchy at BestSketchy at BestSketchy at BestSketchy at Best


First off, what do you all think of the new site? The content is slowly being put in there too. Check it out and let me know.

Now, onto the meat of this post. In my new job as marketing exec (ha) at the Rondo, I’m in charge of putting bums on seats for the shows. My job is made infinitely easier or more difficult based on what the company gives us to work with. Mentioning no names, some are awful, but others like Havisham which starts in 9 days, are great images. I can’t quite tell what  it is about this image that makes me want to see the show, but there is something…

En-Root Theatre present Havisham