An Actor's Life

Sweet Story

I had a pretty good weekend this weekend, marred only by the onset of a head cold yesterday. The performance on Saturday went down pretty well I think, then had some family and friends over for an evening of fajitas and Cranium. It was really nice, everyone got on, we drank some, but not too much. I mean people weren’t spewing into the window boxes, or if they were we’re yet to notice.

Today I still feel pretty rubbish, but I’m too poor/loathe to work weekends to swap my shift in Roman land. I had some Scottish family come visit the Baths the other day, it’s half-term and there are a lot of kids about. Kids love it when, as a 3rd century stonemason, you can’t fathom the idea of an airplane. They get very exasperated but in a good way. The sweetest incident like this was with a young lad who was shocked I’d not heard of Ben 10 (a kids’ TV show), he then asked if I’ve heard of TV? No. Mobile Phones? No. Cars? No. Chocolate? No. NOT CHOCOLATE?! No. MUUUHUUMMM! THIS MAN’S NOT HEARD OF CHOCOLATE!!! He then ran off with his mum, only to re-appear maybe half an hour later with some chocolate he’d been to buy so that I could taste some! What a little sweetheart. Obviously I had to stay in character and sacrifice him as an offering to Sulis Minerva shortly afterward which peturbed his mother somewhat.