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Venue Interview

Hello everyone, thought you might want to read this interview in this week’s Venue.

Venue Interview


Facebook has landed!

Before I move on to the main course of this blog consider this an entree. I just had the oddest piece of spam in the comments section. “Do you like car rims?” Now am I getting prematurely old and its some disgusting S&M vernacular that I’m not ‘down’ with or is it just plain bonkers?

Anyhoo, Facebook has indeed landed. Or rather Anti-Panto! has landed on facebook. If you’d like to toddle over and register your interest click here if you just want to buy tickets right now click here.

Thought you may want to meet the cast, its a silly little greetings card from us all.

Back home

Well wasn’t that fun? A month in Shanghai that flew by and what seemed like the speed on sound. I’ve been working for the Natural Theatre Company on behalf of the British Council at the UK Pavilion for Expo 2010. It was incredible, the thing didn’t look real.

We got back home at midnight Sunday (7am Monday in our heads) and on Monday afternoon I met with Ian McGlynn to discuss his casting of Anti-Panto. We were inundated with young female applicants but a little light on older males, as a result Malus is about twenty years younger than written. Take that Oil of Olay! I’m really excited about the show, the read through before China went very well indeed and the cast sound great. Doron of Sketchy at Best will be returning to the New Old Friends family and we couldn’t be happier to have him. Tickets are already selling well but there are still seats to be had – 01225 463362. Book ’em up.

In other New Old Friends news; Sketchy at Best hits the road next May for the company’s first national tour! We are still finalising the last few venues but all is looking groovy. The company is like a Peugot; we go from strength to strength. We are not like a Citroen; pseudo teutonic French rubbish. I leave you with a dressing room shot from Shanghai, it’s me and Heff in too much lycra being bees.

A sneak peek at next season…

Ok for all you eager beavers here is a sneak peak at the Rondo’s Autumn Season 2010. On sale July 19th!

Rondo Autumn Season 2010

Check it out, I particularly recommend December 8-11!

Good Day

So today I had a meeting with an agent – Room3 – and on my way over I get a phone call from the lovely Helen Chamberlain at the Natural Theatre Company and she offers me a gig in Frankfurt Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday next week. I have to rearrange a meeting with top-class tour booker and generally great bloke Mark Makin but he’s cool with it so I can do the gig. But it gets better; Helen then asks me if Heff, the delightful, delovely, desmokinghot, Heff is available to do the gig too! So I call Heff she asks the powers that be at her work and gets the time off so we’re off to Frankfurt at the start of next week. Awesome town huh? Then I make it to the meeting with Kate from Room3, it goes really well, I like her she likes me yadda yadda yadda and I’m home by 1 o’clock with representation and a gig in Germany. A bloody good day I think you’ll agree. Plus, the sun is shining and I’m playing a round of golf with Sparks tomorrow. Hooray for today!

We need you!

Well we have re-cast little Adrian Hamilton in the form of Doron Davidson. Doron is very lovely. He is an ex-lawyer would you believe, we’re thinking of filing a lawsuit against someone just to test his story out. He is a whopping great 6’5″ making me no longer the tallest in the company and bringing the average height of the group to 6’3″ which must be some kind of comedy record. Surely.

His audition blew us away, we dropped the C-bomb in his monologue and then laughed heartily at our sketches, good signs. We thought it very brave to C-bomb potential employers, particularly as one of them is a girl with a particularly squeemish attitude to the word. Of course he didn’t know that at the time. So anyway, he popped over last night to take some shots that I could then photoshop into a lovely little flyer to promote the show. Ian at the Rondo has kindly agreed to print up some double sided flyers with this on one side and an Anti-Panto preview on the other which we will distribute at our Arthur Smith gig.

Doron is the one at the top of the flyer, you didn’t think I’d let you go without begging for feedback did you?! It has gone to print today as a flyer, but we like it so much we think we’re going to keep it as the poster, but before we do that please please please share your thoughts. Oh an book tickets, it’s piss funny.

Promotional materials for Sketchy at Best

Come see the show it's awesome!

Don’t you think he bears a bit of a resemblance to Josh? Only a bit obviously. A sort of more grown up Josh?


So I’m not going to lazy blog people profiles. I’m going to unveil the new poster for Sketchy at Best it’ll should be ready for the Arthur Smith gig. More on new boy Doron tomorrow! For now, all you need to know is he’s excellent.

Promotional materials for Sketchy at Best

Come see the show it's awesome!