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Check this out!

Check out the awesome line-up for next month’s Pick & Mix. It’s gonna be SO good. There are a couple of acts still deciding, including our favourite street magician. Well excited. Here’s the poster. Click here for tickets.


Please Help

Hello all,

Could you please tell me which of the two very similar designs you prefer? More or less reviews/quotations.


It’s here!

I wrote this yesterday but somehow didn’t post it!

Only one day until the pant-wettingly funny show Sketchy at Best. The rehearsals have been an absolute joy, credit must go to Heather and new boy Doron. The gags have been sharpened, the filler replaced with killer, and we are set. Just re-listened to my radio interview with Somer Valley FM, I’ll figure out a way to get it up here. They gave us this quote though “Genius theatre company!” We’ll take it.

In other news, Rob Rouse has been plugging the show on Twitter for us “If you’re in Bath go and see these funny guys” Arthur Smith invited us to perform once more with him and Venue say we leave audiences hooting. So we can’t be that bad.

If what you all tell me is true there is going to be a tsunami of people buying tickets on the door, which is fine, but get there early so that we can start on time.

Sketchy at Best – The Rondo – TOMORROW 8pm – £10/£8 – 01225 463362


Comedians on the couch

Last night had the pleasure of not only watching Rob Rouse’s fantastic show “My Family and the Dog that scared Jesus” but then had a couple of beers with the top bloke and put him up on our sofa bed!

As his marketing material said he’s a man with genuinely funny bones, and also a bloody lovely one too. Was very grateful and had plenty of advice for myself as an aspiring comic/writier/performer type. He also had a self-confessed middle-aged piece of advice about putting my money into bricks and mortar sooner rather than later!

So all that was lovely, sadly in order to enjoy the evening I had to turn down the opportunity to once again take to the stage with the legendary Arthur Smith. Yes this blog is all name drop today! The original grumpy old man was back in the South West and hunted out New Old Friends to see if we’d reprise our skit from a few months ago. We would’ve loved to, but sadly we a show to watch and new friends to make. But as you can see funny people everywhere are attracted to the band-wagon, you’d better hop on people. (For those physically unable to hop there is access)

Sketchy at Best now plugged by Rob Rouse & Arthur Smith is on the very next Wednesday we have. The 9th June at 8pm, The Rondo, Tickets £10/8 from 01225 463362. Book NOW!

Woods learns to swing from Couples

The tag-line is a Masters golf gag for you all there. Fred Couples leads Tiger Woods by two if you’re interested.

So today I am bed-ridden. I’ve been suffering with an irritating cold for over a fortnight today and this morning my beautiful girlfriend had enough of being kept up at nights and made me ring NHS Direct and then prescribed a whole lot of rest today. I’m gutted. Alright, not really it should give me a chance to finish off the Arts Council application which has taken FAR too long.

In fact it’s taken so long that I’ll have to remove the bit about promoting the show at the Arthur Smith gig because we’ve already done it!

So that’s my day today, in bed with the lap-top catching up. That is, until about 2ish when I’ll slip out to play tennis with a mate. Golden.

Busy little bee

I have been a busy bee of late, what with the Naturals and Arthur Smith. I’ve had little time to focus on Anti-Panto which is shaping up to be a monster of a comedy. I happened upon these snaps on Flickr which are of me performing with the Naturals, they’re great. Photos and company both. You have to click the links to Flickr but I assure you it is very worth it.


Pigeon Poo Fearg

Coneheads (Fearg at back)

Pigeon Poo lean

I think you’ll agree some fantastic shots there, congratulations snappers.

One more time

Something odd is going on. Whatever I type today isn’t appearing when I publish. Please see previous post. I’m still absolutely thrilled by it.