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Writing Comedy
May 6, 2011, 9:05 am
Filed under: Career Arc, Just funny

Writing comedy is hard, I don’t mean the word smart-arse. That’s relatively simple, although I have seen posters with things like “hilarious comady” emblazoned upon them so there we go. Maybe that show dealt with the laugh-a-minute scenario of being comatose. Who knows.

No, I’m talking about sitting down at my lap-top and writing a 90 minute play with plenty of laughs in. Its called The Happy Couple and I’ve set myself the challenge of writing a story about two people in love without all the usual cliches of infidelity, break-ups, beatings, death etc. A lovely and noble aim, problem is conflict is the soul of both drama and comedy. Which leaves me with whimsy, surrealism and word play. So far my favourite effort is a bizzare episode involving a radio, sheeps milk and the punch line “In space no-one can hear ewes cream!”

As I said writing comedy is hard.

The Happy Couple is on at The Rondo theatre in Bath June 22nd tickets are a mere £5 available from 01225 463362.


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