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Polling day
May 5, 2011, 8:17 am
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Today is polling day, which I rather think should’ve been May 1st. It could’ve been May-Poling and polling day. I’m not particularly sold on the concept of AV but I’ll be voting yes simply because I’ve been reliably informed that the Tories stand to lose most by doing so.

I’ve grown up in a staunch lefty house and always had an ingrained dislike of the Conservatives without honestly feeling it in my bones, my political awareness started with 1997 and my mum literally becoming a champagne socialist after the victory. As we all know New Labour acted like total pricks and I kept hearing that they were behaving like Tories, so I couldn’t really work up the anger at these supposedly priviledged elitest fucksticks. So thank you Mr Cameron you’ve gifted me a lovely little reserve of (abiding I’m sure) hatred for you, your party and your total disregard for those less fortunate with money. New Labour may have acted like pricks but you sir have taken my disgust to all knew and far too vulgar lows. At least I feel like I fit in at lefty-gatherings now.

In other news I wrote a joke the other day:

I was approached on the street by someone trying to get me to invest in pharmeceutical giant Glaxo-Smith-Klein, and I almost did. But then I thought “Don’t give them any money, they’ll just spend it on drugs!”


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Ok, you can come home again. Your Da would be proud of you, son. As am I!

Comment by Jane C Woods

Love it! We lefties who fought a massive fight during the 80’s as young people ignored and abandoned are proud of you! Because you now have to cope with the ‘fucksticks’ of your very own aka Cammy’s crew (he’s soooooo down with the kids!) and will come out fighting, just as we did! I appreciated your post…thank you.

Comment by Lisa Cherry

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