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Melbourne Baby!
April 11, 2011, 12:04 am
Filed under: Career Arc, Just funny

G’day mates, I’m still in sunny Oztralia. Except of course its not sunny, it is pissing it down all over the gorgeous Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Even with weather imported from a Welsh winter break I’m loving this festival. As a performer here I get free passes to all the shows. All of them. I’ve seen five so far and I’m aiming to get my tally up around the twenty mark.

Current favourites are Tig Notaro – a dry American lady who was very funny indeed. And New Art Club – a pair of likeable Brits who have one gag, they are an experimental dance company performing ludicrous dances on unsuitable subjects (shit on your shoe, an IRA beating) luckily the have the charm and charima to make each dance hilarious. There really isn’t anybody quite like them, the lurid unitards they wear are funny enough to hold a show even if the dancing doesn’t entertain (which it will)

So good times being had by moi, obviously I miss Blighty’s charms most notably my family and gorgeous fiance, but it feels good to be surrounded by so many talented comics. I’m trying to find an open spot to do some stand-up out here but the festival is in full-swing so most things are already filled. I will report back with findings. I have taken the sum total of zero photographs which I will attempt to rectify from now on and share with you peeps.


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