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Form is temporary
March 29, 2011, 9:34 am
Filed under: Just funny

Its a classic football cliche “Form is temporary, class is permanent.” But I’m not so sure, is class really for good? What about social climbers, by which I mean people who aggressively pursue a higher station in life as opposed to chatty cliff scalers. I, for example, was firmly convinced I was working class growing up. It seems ridiculous I would have had such delusions of grandeur now (in our family we’re a bit downwardly aspirational, my dad’s an ex-public schooly turned trade unionist; to be working class is a dream of his) so there I was Feargus Wylie Woods Dunlop thinking myself working class. I had four names! One of them was Wylie! Who was I kidding? I got a bit of an awakening when I left the very rough (compared to Bath) Peasedown St John and moved to the very tranquil (compared to Tripoli) Wakefield.

In my first month living there we had a BNP rally in the street which confused the hell out of me because it was a majority immigrant street. Then I realised intimidation not recruitment was the real motive, arseholes (BNP not the immigrants although I’m sure some are, its just the law of averages)

In Wakey suddenly I was posh, it was weird. I’d always been the non-posh one; my school was in special measures, I can’t speak French, we didn’t take skiing holidays (OK we took one) and now here I was being asked genuinely if I knew Prince William. It was odd. Just before irate Northerners write in, I’m not suggesting all of West Yorkshire is an area deprived of poshness, but the places I frequented clearly were.

So back to class, what is it? I heard recently that you’re not really middle class if you drink instant coffee- “One really should grind one’s own” dontcha know. I’ve always like the bizarre middle class restaurant accent; an inflection of French when ordering salmon encrute (I can’t be truly middle class I have no idea how to spell encrute) a hint of Italian when ordering a Parma ham and mozzarella ciabatta, but what bugs me is they never adopt an Indian accent when ordering biryani do they?

If you’d like to watch a clip of my dad Alastair ‘Scargill” Dunlop giving a rather good account of why he took to the streets Saturday watch this clip.

No gags, he’s just awesome.


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