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Oops I did it again
March 28, 2011, 10:40 am
Filed under: Just funny

My blogging has gone to pot recently, as I was so lovingly told by my family at a recent gathering. I suppose I should be flattered they take the time to read my little posts in order to be able to tell me authoritively how shit the last one was. But you see the latter really takes the shine off the former, like learning you’ve been invited to dinner with one of the most powerful men in the country, only to learn its Eric Pickles.

Gotta love Pickles, comics around the country breathed a sigh of relief as the easy gag of two jags shuffled off only to be replaced by a shabbier version lacking even the dubious sort of almost lefty-ish conscience of Prescott.

Speaking of the government and all things official, I loved the census yesterday. Putting ‘actor’ as my profession and ‘fighting short sighted governmental cuts’ as what that entails. I did make a couple of reading errors though. I put english as my first language then answered the supplemental ‘Jonny foreigner’ question of how well do you speak English. I put very well and added in brackets ‘with a pleasing timbre of bass baritone and excellent diction, available for voice overs, and adverts’.

Anyone have any idea why question seventeen was intentionally left blank? Is this a new superstition that I’ve not cottoned onto yet, finally replacing the stigma of my being born on the 13th? I don’t know if it was a Friday but it was a six minutes past seven (I realised half way through that you can’t actually be born at 6:66 can you? Stuck with it though dedication.)


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Much better, keep up the good work. Oh and if you had completed your form over the bridge Q17 would not be blank. Shame about you being born on 13th maybe thats why your uncle keeps forgetting to get you a prezzy.

Comment by uj

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