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S’up gangstaz
January 31, 2011, 10:59 pm
Filed under: Just funny

I wish I was a bit more gangsta sometimes. You know a bit more street less avenue? I rep banging beats with sick bars an ting, but when I be bringing the bump to the grind my peeps are chattin whack at me fo reel! (For those of a middle class persuasion that should read: I enjoy music with a good rhythm section, but when I attempt to dance I make as big a fool of myself as if I used a fish knife for cheese!)

So as I say, I’d like to be a bit more gangsta. Just a bit, you know be able to pull off “S’up?” as a greeting. Not too much, I don’t want to walk around strapped with a shank or glock(carrying a concealed weapon, knife or pistol).

I quite like that nowadays the little hoodlums are the ones walking around with melee weapons and the gentle folk look on aghast. Makes a change from Elizabethan Britain where the mark of a gentleman was to wear a rapier on your side. When I say I like it, obviously I’d rather they didn’t. I hate the fact that when I approach a group of teenagers I’m always considering my best plan of attack should it turn nasty (punch the first, elbow the second in the head on the pull back, kick the third in the nuts, nut the forth and run leaving a Jackie Chan-like heap of henchmen in my wake, if your interested)

Its worth noting that while I muse on being more street I lie in my pyjamas listening to The Flaming Lips (not as rock as they sound if you don’t know them) after a relaxing bath. With bubbles. I dunno what I was worrying about I am so freaking street it hurts!

Peace out Holmes.


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