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Free lance
January 18, 2011, 11:29 am
Filed under: Career Arc, Just funny

No, this is not a competition to win medieval jousting equipment. I am talking about being freelance. Its odd. Take today for example; I have a set amount of work to do, but can do it at any point. Even this evening if I so desire it. That is odd. It leaves me feeling not quite at work, but not on a day off either.

The organised amongst you are no doubt saying “Just do the work now and enjoy the rest of the day!” A fair point, but you’re underestimating the lure of laziness. The same lure that has lead you to reading my witterings when you could be doing something productive. Like your accounts.

Have you heard Moira Stuart on the radio? “Your self assesment tax return is now due.” Over and over again, I know Moira, I know. I actually did it last week, so in your too old for TV (view of the BBC not I) face! But why are HMRC taking out so many radio adverts in the day time? Do they think we self-employed just sit around all day listening to the radio procrastinating? Oh. Clever them. Still though, they could’ve written a catchy jingle “We’ll impound any” or something.


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the pedant in me has to point out that it is stewart!

Comment by al d

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