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Love it
October 23, 2010, 8:58 am
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This is an internet sensation, for the first 2minutes I sat going “Well I can see it was a lot of effort, but its not actually any good though is it?” But somewhere around the three minute mark I started smiling and laughing and by the end I had moist eyes. Not quite sure what happened.


Facebook has landed!

Before I move on to the main course of this blog consider this an entree. I just had the oddest piece of spam in the comments section. “Do you like car rims?” Now am I getting prematurely old and its some disgusting S&M vernacular that I’m not ‘down’ with or is it just plain bonkers?

Anyhoo, Facebook has indeed landed. Or rather Anti-Panto! has landed on facebook. If you’d like to toddle over and register your interest click here if you just want to buy tickets right now click here.

Thought you may want to meet the cast, its a silly little greetings card from us all.

October 18, 2010, 9:15 pm
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Venison; that’s deer.
Jimmy Carr

A race question
October 15, 2010, 8:09 am
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Why is race a homonym? As in two different words that sound the same. What do ethnic origin and sprinting have in common? Actually is that a homophone? It is I think. Its both I Wikipedia-ed it. Whatever, it is another baffling instance of the English language being just plain odd. It did give rise to Terry Pratchett’s wonderful insult “he was so wrong he got disqualified from the human race for pushing”.

Also, that raises the question; are premature babies guilty of a false start?

October 13, 2010, 8:39 pm
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Join the fun, we’re trying to sell out before bonfire night.

Sunday on Tuesday.
October 12, 2010, 6:47 pm
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Jet lag combined with no full time jobs resulted in a bizarre quasi-Sunday for me, the lady and her sister & man. We started off pootling on ancestory dot com, doing some research on the owner of a lovely 1930s briefcase that me mum bought me at Frome markets. Which was nice. There was a business card, wedding notice, photo and letter inside and with it we tracked down Ian Otto Hockmeyer and a descedent of his who we hope to give the documents.

After that we took a stroll round an art gallery and then played the awesome (and not at all childish) Enchanted Forest. Its awesome! Google it, eBay it, buy it!

I’m bigger than Jesus!

It’s true, I’m bigger than Jesus. That’s not the Lennon-esque height of arrogance, rather the arrogance of height. Jesus (possibly) was hanging around being a groovy kind of guy in the same time period as the early Roman Empire and those guys had an average height of like 5’2″ maybe 5’4″ either way they’re not dunking anytime soon. As Jesus likely had a far worse diet than a Roman and pre-dates those measurements with every generation being taller than the last he’s likely to be 5 foot tops. I know his dad is supposedly a big guy, but I think when conception is immaculate its screws with the genetics.

Plus, I’m 6’4″, which back then would’ve been pretty huge. I mean while I was in Shanghai people were asking for their photos with me in 2010 just because I’m so freakishly tall. So in 1AD I would’ve been walking round going “Fe-Fi-Fo-Fum!” Of course there wouldn’t have been any Englishmen for my bread yet.

So to sum up, I am bigger than Jesus. Factually plausible.