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Back from Burgh
August 16, 2010, 1:36 pm
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Where have I been I hear you cry! Don’t be so nosy I reply. Enough rhyming, there’s blogging to be done. I have been away on holiday, which was awesome. I went to stay with my sister and girlfriend (mine not hers, not outing her online) in Edinburgh for a week of festival revelling.

I love the Fringe, that little bit of hair upon the forehead of respectable theatre. In years past I’ve been known to claim it was only good for comedy, but this year tempered by me female companions we went to see. Modern circus/ dance act Soap! You read that correctly I went, of my own free will, to see something that could be described as modern dance. It was bloody fantastic. I don’t know if its touring, but try to go see it, its funny, unpretentious and insanely impressive.

I did go and see a lot of comedy too, more on that tomorrow. You can hardly wait can you?


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DUDE YOU FORGOT TO CALL ME!!! Please bear in mind in future I will be in Edinburgh for the ENTIRETY of August and looking for any emissary from the world beyond to restore me to sanity…

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