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Going National
July 12, 2010, 5:08 pm
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So if you run a small to medium sized theatre with a programme inclusive of comedy you’ll no doubt have already heard of the wonderful work New Old Friends are producing. If not check your inbox, we’ve sent you a lovely pdf selling Sketchy at Best.

Brilliantly quite a few venue managers have already opened said Email, perused said pdf and expressed interest in buying said show! Awesome huh? It looks increasingly likely we will indeed be taking our particular brand of comedy theatre National! So far its still very loose and incredibly varied from small college theatre in Truro to a big name venue in Manchester. Right now I value both equally, if they both confirm one will quickly find its way onto our publicity material and the other just be a gratefully received date on tour.

I am so excited about the prospect of this tour I quite literally could pee. I should point out in the interests of clarity I do still pee when unutterably bored.

In other news Spain beat Holland in the World Cup, but Holland did more of the beating from what I could see. Loved De Jong’s dropkick to the chest! Chuck Norris finally honoured on the biggest sporting stage of all.


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