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That Friday feeling
July 2, 2010, 12:19 pm
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I’m writing this sat in the bowels of the Roman Baths almost half way through my last shift of the week. Its been a nice enough morning entertaining tourists with stories of the wild Welsh Silures and Ordovices. Got a few laughs and generally pleasant exchanges with united colours of Benneton advert that is the clientele here.

I particularly love the grossly overweight peopl who stagger through the museum section and when they finally reach the two millenia year old Baths say “How do I get out of here?” Without even pausing to take it in. It has to be said they’re invariably Armenians, I mean Americans. It’s always quite fun to ask them where they’re from as they have huge difficulty grasping the notion of a time before America. Also you can wilfully mishear and reply “You’re a mirkin?!” Which for those of you who don’t know is a pubic wig.

Before I get back out there I’d like to wish my friends in HammerPuzzle the best of luck with their show Spare Room which opens tonight at the Ustinov here in Bath. I’m not going to make it as I’m away in Devon for the weekend but thoroughly recommend it to anyone with no plans.


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