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Lazy lazy Feargy

I’ve been at a meeting with the excellent Natural Theatre Company helping plan out the template for their educational package today. It was a fun meeting, very theatre, everyone sat around a table with a flip chart and cups of coffee. Very informal, it cracked me up how close to the stereotype it played.

As fun as it was, it was actually pretty tiring which coupled with a lack of sleep last night has left me shattered and lazy in terms of blogging. Need to conserve my strength as I’m off to see Inception tonight. Was foiled in my attempt last week so had to settle for the lovely Toy Story 3. I end with a trailer for Inception.


A good day!
July 26, 2010, 2:12 pm
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Continuing on from last week’s marvellous Monday musings this week is off to a flying start! Yipee! Don’t worry there have been no confirmed sightings of winged dates, its just an expression.

Why am I so chipper on this traditionally dour day you ask? Three reasons; one, I’m walking home from work in the sun at like ten past three. Winner. Two, readthrough the first half of Anti-Panto with Heff this morning, its not awful which is always good. Definitely showing early promise. Thirdly, and still in Anti-Panto news, people have already bought tickets! The brochure hasn’t even been mailed yet and they’ve only been online a little over a week but people are buying them! Excellent news, buying Christmas show tickets in July, expect a sell-out.

Brilliant day, and its not over yet. Hope you’re all well where you are. X

Blog blip
July 23, 2010, 8:52 am
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I didn’t get around to blogging yesterday as I was incredibly busy listening to hundreds of answerphone messages. No, I wasn’t doing due diligence on my new leave a message missive, I was in fact calling round the small to mid scale theatres of this fair land.

I learnt a couple of things, chief among them that an awful lot of theatre types don’t start work until after lunch.

I rang 100 venues, I managed to speak to maybe 6 actual venue managers and secure one pencil two maybes and three we don’t do comedies. Another four or five were attached to schools/colleges and won’t be programming until September. Leaving around 90 very polite messages left in my dulcet tones. Actually make that 89, at one point I lost the plot and the message went; um…hallo, I’m Fearg from New Old Friends, I’m calling for…um…programming your spring season…um… And so on, not pretty. X

Being Funny

I’m currently in the middle of writing Anti-Panto and it is tough work. The plot is all there; Cinderella meets North by North West. I’ve mapped out all the scenes and how I want them to play out, but now I’ve actually got to get in there and write the dialogue. The show IS a pantomime so I want to keep some of that  style of stuff, but it isn’t a family show. It’s older, and I don’t want to lose the audience by talking down to them. The brilliantly bizarre comic Mitch Hedburg once said of being a comedy writer: “My job is to think of something funny and then write it down. Unless I can’t find a pen, in which case I have to convince myself that what I thought of wasn’t funny.” He’s got a point. Trying to be funny is so difficult on a deadline.

I’m writing stuff and then realising that 5 lines have gone past without a gag, so I have to create one. When you’ve set your head to “funny” you can’t be sure what is laugh out loud good and what is simply amusing. This blog I’m writing right now for example is neither. I’ll pep it up with an old joke: do you say nee-ther or nigh-ther? Oh come on, you must use one! Comedy gold there. You see what I’m up against.

What is another word for synonym?

More Tim Minchin

More greatness from Mr Minchin, he’s awesome buy things that send him money.

July 19, 2010, 8:46 am
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It’s Monday, a day that suffers its fair share of bad press. Monday is a return to the mundane for many, or the orther way to look at it is a beginning. This Monday will kick off a week of huge excitement. Yes, I already know my every movement untill Wednesday evening, but still I refuse to mourn Monday’s arrival.

People put so much store into the days if the week. Had we all been part of a communal comma for 72 hours making today Wednesday would we feel better? More importantly would I get 2for1 cinema tickets? This week should see me complete the majority of Anti-Panto, I certainly hope do deadlines are looming. Wish me luck.

Performance photos
July 15, 2010, 4:11 pm
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I found these old photos on my Blackberry. The first is post a Red performance with the Natural Theatre Company. The second is pre-performance with New Old Friends’ Sketchy at Best. The third is a publicity shot for New Old Friends’ Mate.

Calm down dear!

Calm down dear!

The minimal Sketchy at Best set.

The minimal Sketchy at Best set.

Toni & Will

Toni & Will