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Feedback please

Hello there, how are we all?

I’m doing just dandy, thanks for asking. Oh you didn’t ask? How rude!

OK, I need feedback. No, not that whiney microphone/speaker situation, feedback as in critical repsonses.

We have two prospective Anti-Panto! images, that are vying for brochure space. The show is a alternative pantomime aimed at young professionals, it will have drinking and adult humour in it. Probably audience participation in one or both of those! So with that said, please pick your favourite image:

Image Number 1


Image Number 2

Please please please comment with views. Deadline is Friday. Last Friday actually, but I’ve secured wiggle room.


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Hmm, can’t decide. I lik ethe flash of green on first one (or is it the glass?)Why no newoldfriends logo on first? I think I have to plump for first but it’s a close run thing!

Comment by Jane C Woods

The logo I just added, because I had it open. It won’t be there in either image, it’s for the brochure so our name will be alongside it anyway.
As for the flash of green, interesting. A lot of people didn’t recognize what it was or if they did, why it was there.

Comment by feargy

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