An Actor's Life

What a week

Phew, what a week last week was! It started with a day at the Rondo and the Baths, fairly standard. Then it went mental; final rehearsals and publicity for Sketchy at Best on Tues, gas work and teching Sketchy at Best on Wednesday day, followed by the show in the evening, then Thursday prepping for Widcome Rising gig with the Naturals and shoe-horning in some prep time for our youth theatre group’s performance on the same day. Friday all out prep for the youth theatre, including making two 4-foot clam shell heads. They looked awesome it has to be said. Then Saturday was final rehearsals for Fountain of Natural Youth, leaving us ready for Sunday.

Sunday started with dress rehearsals for FNY, it went great thanks to excellent help from the rental units (parents) then we had the show with the kids. They were amazing, couldn’t have been prouder of each and every one of them. They really were fantastic, what was also nice was that the impartial people who watched it commented on how Natural Theatre it looked which was the aim. So with that show in the bag we had a quick change into pigeon poo people to entertain the crowds. It went down an absolute storm, confirming the piece as a winner after its inception and debut at Bath’s comedy festival earlier this year. We finished the day with those old favourites the Coneheads, unfortunately Heff got a little bit assaulted whilst doing her conical comedy character. But all in all it couldn’t detract from what was a wonderful, if totally exhausting week of performances.

I treated myself to a little lie in today, then paid penance by filing my tax return. I owe WAY more than I thought I did. The buggers are making me pay half of next year’s this year?! Not cool.


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