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Comedians on the couch

Last night had the pleasure of not only watching Rob Rouse’s fantastic show “My Family and the Dog that scared Jesus” but then had a couple of beers with the top bloke and put him up on our sofa bed!

As his marketing material said he’s a man with genuinely funny bones, and also a bloody lovely one too. Was very grateful and had plenty of advice for myself as an aspiring comic/writier/performer type. He also had a self-confessed middle-aged piece of advice about putting my money into bricks and mortar sooner rather than later!

So all that was lovely, sadly in order to enjoy the evening I had to turn down the opportunity to once again take to the stage with the legendary Arthur Smith. Yes this blog is all name drop today! The original grumpy old man was back in the South West and hunted out New Old Friends to see if we’d reprise our skit from a few months ago. We would’ve loved to, but sadly we a show to watch and new friends to make. But as you can see funny people everywhere are attracted to the band-wagon, you’d better hop on people. (For those physically unable to hop there is access)

Sketchy at Best now plugged by Rob Rouse & Arthur Smith is on the very next Wednesday we have. The 9th June at 8pm, The Rondo, Tickets £10/8 from 01225 463362. Book NOW!


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