An Actor's Life

I’ve been neglecting you

Hello my people,

I’m sorry I’ve not been posting, I’ve been so busy. I had the radio interview yesterday; they made me rap to Fresh Prince! I say made me… They’re going to send over a recording, I’ll get it up here when Iget it. Sketchy at Best is going well, really looking forward to the show now. Tickets are selling which is nice, it would be awesome to sell out though, right now we’re only hovering just under 50% so if you fancy it do get a ticket. It’s going to be great – 01225 463362.

What else? Oh yes, the Arts Council recommended Anti-Panto! for funding, and then didn’t fund it. Which is heartbreaking but not a s heartbreaking as it sounds. Effectively what the guy who assessed it saidwas “The show is a project we could, would and should fund, but competition for money is very high so you just missed out.” I was gutted. He then went on to tell me that it was definitely worth re-submitting the bid but changing a few minor details to show that I have worked on it again and they should recommend it once more and then we’re back in the lottery. It’s a little ironic that lottery funding is such a lottery isn’t it?


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