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Horace and other thoughts
June 30, 2010, 11:53 am
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Did you know that the old school poet Horace wrote about the balance between otium and negotium in his poems? Thats the balance between pleasure and business to you or me. Also known as the work/life balance I’ve blogged about before. What I find interesting is the Latin for pleasure/leisure is Otium and business/work is Negotium or put another way Not-pleasure! I just quite like the fact that our ancient ancestors bitched about work just as much as we do.


Watching a Beatle

Yesterday I was lucky enough to go to Hard Rock Calling and see the mighty Paul McCartney banging out tune after tune after tune. It was one of the most fantastic experiences of my life, my thanks go to Mr Andy Conroy for taking me. I just did a quick youtube search and this is one of the many videos already uploaded. I went bezerk when this particular track came on.

It was incredible, the sound is a bit odd on this his vocals are really front and centre.

Comedy names
June 25, 2010, 8:53 am
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My name is Feargus (fur-gus) when they named me my parents realised they needed to give me a proper butch middle name in case kids figured out that Feargus is very close to fungus. What did the plump for? Wylie! That’s right for my formative years I was known as fungus willy, my name sounds like symptoms of an STI!

Still, I’m sure it could be worse. What are the most unfortunate names out there? Drew Peacock is a personal favourite, but what”s yours?

More phone smartness
June 24, 2010, 8:54 am
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I likes to practise safe sex, very safe!

Feedback please

Hello there, how are we all?

I’m doing just dandy, thanks for asking. Oh you didn’t ask? How rude!

OK, I need feedback. No, not that whiney microphone/speaker situation, feedback as in critical repsonses.

We have two prospective Anti-Panto! images, that are vying for brochure space. The show is a alternative pantomime aimed at young professionals, it will have drinking and adult humour in it. Probably audience participation in one or both of those! So with that said, please pick your favourite image:

Image Number 1


Image Number 2

Please please please comment with views. Deadline is Friday. Last Friday actually, but I’ve secured wiggle room.

June 22, 2010, 8:58 am
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So it is Tuesday, pedantically sticking to Monday’s heels as it has done for at least the last 24 years. Anecdotal evidence has it going back much further, but I’m not in a position to confirm that.

There is talk of Thursday breaking ranks and staging a coup to leapfrog Wednesday, thereby making sense of J. Tribbiani’s Monday one day, Tuesday two day, Thursday third day projection. These reports are, as yet, unvalidated.

For those that haven’t yet looked, please see yesterday’s post. Have had good early feedback from the design, but always wanting more.

Genius means never being satisfied. So does being a contrary little bugger.


With Sketchy at Best’s preview out of the way with good reviews “Riotous…the lady next to me started hooting.” – Venue. It is time for the Anti-Panto production machine to start spluttering into life. The print deadline for The Rondo’s brochue was…well Friday, but we didn’t have an image then. We do now, what do you think of it? Yes Josh, I know I’ve used your face, but you like that!

Please leave comments, while it’s likely too late to stop it going in the brochure. The poster/flyer run is a long way away. Thoughts please.