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I can’t remember if I posted yesterday, ah well. I’m very busy at the moment, its rather nice. We’re entering the final stages of both Sketchy at Best and Fountain of Natural Youth; the first being our hilarious sketch show on at the Rondo Wednesday 9th June, the second being the youth theatre we are running on behalf of the Natural Theatre Company.

Both have been equally challenging and rewarding and both are going to take up great swathes of my day today. The first requires all the scribbled down notes and scenes to be written up properly for posterity. Whilst the second needs a big ‘ol mail out because the penultimate session fell in half term and half the group can’t make it. Poop.

Anyone who doesn’t yet have tickets for Sketchy should know that they have finally started selling although there are still easily 50 left, it would be great to sell out and it is genuinely very funny. Heather’s Radio 4play is absolutely pant-wettingly hilarious. I flatter myself into thinking that if you turn up there will be at the very least one sketch in there to tickle your fancy. I was asked to some up the tone in three words the other day, I had to plump for; silly, saucy & Shakespearean! Which is a fairly odd venn diagram I think you’ll agree.


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