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Woop Woop!

Hands up if you won a pub quiz over the weeked? Put them down I can’t see them, its a blog stoopid. Also, you were lying. Not you, you. Yes.

As you may have gathered I won a pub quiz last night. I suppose I should give some props to my team-mates; Heff, mum, Sparks, Tick & Tor. Although Tick & Tor left early and I would rather have all the glory myself so disregard the names I just listed. I won the pub quiz. ME.

However a few questions did slip through the cracks (12 in total) a selection: “What shape is a clavate?” or “In which country does the port city of Casablanca reside?” I know toughies huh? One we got marked as wrong but is right is “Who is the first man mentioned in the Bible?” We toyed with Adam, or God (minor discussion of the big guy’s gender notwithstanding) even Abraham, but then I had a brain wave. “It’ll be a trick question, it’s the King James’ Bible so technically King James is the first bloke mentioned!” I was wrong, apparently Adam is correct. But I’m standing by the logic.

Either way – STILL WON!!!


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Actually, darling boy, I think you’ll find we got Casablanca right (ooh was that me?)It is in Morroco!

Comment by Jane C Woods

Sounds like fun — see if you want a place to brush up on your obviously mad skillz

Comment by davisw

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