An Actor's Life

Things I don’t know

Obviously this would be a huge post if I were to include ALL the things I don’t know. It’s just going to be a selection of the stuff I’m most ashamed/embarrassed not to know.

  1. The exact dates of the two world wars.
  2. How to do up a bow-tie.
  3. The correct way to say penchant.
  4. Why anyone would voluntarily eat blue cheese.
  5. How to strip and be remotely seductive.
  6. Who is buying all these Michael Buble albums?
  7. The metric/imperial converstion table.
  8. My friends’ birtdays by heart.
  9. Any sizable information about classical art.
  10. When to stop listing things I don’t know.
  11. If that last one was funny enough to end on.
  12. If 10 & 11 were even funny.
  13. Why there isn’t a sub-plot to the New Testament.
  14. What the J stands for in Michael J Fox.
  15. The difference between sour cream and creme fresh.

I think that’s probably enough. What don’t you know?


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