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Old age

I can’t remember if I posted yesterday, ah well. I’m very busy at the moment, its rather nice. We’re entering the final stages of both Sketchy at Best and Fountain of Natural Youth; the first being our hilarious sketch show on at the Rondo Wednesday 9th June, the second being the youth theatre we are running on behalf of the Natural Theatre Company.

Both have been equally challenging and rewarding and both are going to take up great swathes of my day today. The first requires all the scribbled down notes and scenes to be written up properly for posterity. Whilst the second needs a big ‘ol mail out because the penultimate session fell in half term and half the group can’t make it. Poop.

Anyone who doesn’t yet have tickets for Sketchy should know that they have finally started selling although there are still easily 50 left, it would be great to sell out and it is genuinely very funny. Heather’s Radio 4play is absolutely pant-wettingly hilarious. I flatter myself into thinking that if you turn up there will be at the very least one sketch in there to tickle your fancy. I was asked to some up the tone in three words the other day, I had to plump for; silly, saucy & Shakespearean! Which is a fairly odd venn diagram I think you’ll agree.


Comedy Gold!

Hey You! Comedy Gold!

So, Feargy is going to be on the radio. It’s official, great. In other awesome news: Radio 4play is hilarious, a probable show stealer from the delightful lump that is Heffa. Also happening the the Friends Old Newniverse the gallery is up and running, so mosey on over and have a nosey. For some reason both slideshow versions crop the images bizzarely so it’s best to click on a thumbnail and then use the next arrow to view them. Don’t blame me. Blame it on the Boogie. Which is not a defence that stands up in court I’m afraid, particularly if you’re on a dangerous driving rap.

Speaking of rap, Feargy is back to attack all those haters who crap and take crack, to admire spice racks in clogs clackety clack cos your rhymes are so whack. Woooord! I’m so bad ass.

Sketchy at Best
June 9th, 8pm
The Rondo, Larkhall
Tickets £10/£8
Box Office 01225 463362

Can you hear me pumping on the stereo?

If Buggles is to be believed then video is going to kill me because I’m about to be a radio star baby! OK, maybe not. But I am going to be interviewed on 97.5FM Somer Valley Radio drivetime – 3-5pm June 2nd. I’ll be plugging Sketchy at Best and probably one or two other shows down at the Ron-diddlyo-do. It should be a good laugh, I’ll try to get a recording of it and post it up here for y’all.

That is all for today.

Woop Woop!

Hands up if you won a pub quiz over the weeked? Put them down I can’t see them, its a blog stoopid. Also, you were lying. Not you, you. Yes.

As you may have gathered I won a pub quiz last night. I suppose I should give some props to my team-mates; Heff, mum, Sparks, Tick & Tor. Although Tick & Tor left early and I would rather have all the glory myself so disregard the names I just listed. I won the pub quiz. ME.

However a few questions did slip through the cracks (12 in total) a selection: “What shape is a clavate?” or “In which country does the port city of Casablanca reside?” I know toughies huh? One we got marked as wrong but is right is “Who is the first man mentioned in the Bible?” We toyed with Adam, or God (minor discussion of the big guy’s gender notwithstanding) even Abraham, but then I had a brain wave. “It’ll be a trick question, it’s the King James’ Bible so technically King James is the first bloke mentioned!” I was wrong, apparently Adam is correct. But I’m standing by the logic.

Either way – STILL WON!!!

Charley boy meet Big Willius

So last night I was sent on a very fancy gig in London taaan. It was in a house so posh the Pope himself has visited and blessed the chapel there. I shit you not. In the living room there is a signed photo of Prince Charles signed ‘Charley’ you know you’ve made it when you’re kicking nick-names with the next in line to the throne. I’m working on getting one from William sign ‘Big Willius’ I think it has a certain ring.

I actually have a photo but have been asked not to disclose too much information or show the images, and as they were such lovely hosts I’m inclined to obey. Not to mention the fact that they could probably have me removed if they desired.

I’ve rather been neglecting Big Willy from West Philly recently. Even if I don’t blog about him he still wins by default so have no fear. But, today there is news: He is still freaking awesome. “All you rappers talking ’bout who you put in a hearse, do me a favour right just one verse without a curse.”  HE AM LEGEND.

Today I’m going to write an antipathic anthem for the World Cup, so far all I’ve got is “Who cares Rooney scored, its just a group game and already I’m bored. Please please no more about Fabio, its the middle of June and its all just so drabbio.” Ok, it needs work and I’m fairly sure drabbio isn’t a word. But you get the idea. More on this later.

I’m an odd shape

It’s true, I can deal with it. I’ve just been told so by the Artistic Director of a very successful theatre company, and he knows a thing or two about odd shapes. The actual issue at hand is that my chest is the same width as my waist, in theory I should look like a walking rectangle. I’m pleased to say I don’t look like stretched Sponge-Bob, not sure why maybe my gigantic guns.

I don’t have gigantic guns.

I am also going to take this opportunity to whinge about the fact that barely anyone has pre-bought their tickets for Sketchy at Best it’s like a fortnight away people! Plenty have said their coming; if all the facebook attendees turn up along with even half the maybes we’ll sell out twice over. But for some reason you’re not actually buying the tickets. Maybe its because you resent the £2 booking fee. I resent it too, especially as after charging you £2 they then chrage me 10% of the sale as well! But still, put my mind at ease. Please?


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