An Actor's Life

Arthur Smith LOVES us.

Hello, have just stepped offstage from Arthur Smith’s Curious Evening. It went pretty well; it was an evening of surrealism, one-liners, poetry, song, readings and New Old Friends. Heather & I joined Arthur on stage for a sketch about translating jokes that ended with Heff cutting my hair live and then sticking it onto my face as a moustache. I think people enjoyed it, they laughed in all the right places and Heff had the best line of the night with “I am a gnome” which I could explain but I think it’s funnier if I don’t. Anyway, the experience was great from drinks with the big man last night, through rehearsals today, to the show tonight. He was nothing but an incredible gentleman and a pro throughout his dealings with us. After the show tonight he gave Heff his book which he read from in the show. That was nice. Far nicer of him was his saying; “New Old Friends – The funniest new kids on the block. Hilarious!” but not just saying it, saying it ON VIDEO! Here it is;

Priceless absolutely priceless. Appearing on posters near you soon!


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