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This week

So this week I’ve been a Natural. It’s been amazing, myself and Hef were employed to help devise new pieces for the world famous Natural Theatre Company. For those of you who don’t know the company they produce comic street theatre, but it’s not busking. They aim to take a high street and make us look at it in a different light, often subverting the norm or ‘normalizing’ the surreal. It is a hugely visual company that frequently offers no explanation as to why they are doing what they are doing, it is enough that they are. When people ask me for my opinion of why we do it I always answer “To make people giggle or smile.” there are some theories within the company about a grander mission of reclaiming public spaces as spaces for the public, but I like the smile on a stranger’s face.

There will, I’m sure, but video and better images forthcoming but for now I will show you the piece I had a hand in creating. It’s called pigeon poo and quite simply consists of people covered in bird shit walking through town nervously checking the sky for anymore bombardment. It is accompanied by the sounds of cooing and fluttering of wings. It was hugely effective on the streets of Bath yesterday as part of the launching of Bath Comedy Festival in which New Old Friends will be performing with Arthur Smith on Monday.


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