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Good Day

So today I had a meeting with an agent – Room3 – and on my way over I get a phone call from the lovely Helen Chamberlain at the Natural Theatre Company and she offers me a gig in Frankfurt Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday next week. I have to rearrange a meeting with top-class tour booker and generally great bloke Mark Makin but he’s cool with it so I can do the gig. But it gets better; Helen then asks me if Heff, the delightful, delovely, desmokinghot, Heff is available to do the gig too! So I call Heff she asks the powers that be at her work and gets the time off so we’re off to Frankfurt at the start of next week. Awesome town huh? Then I make it to the meeting with Kate from Room3, it goes really well, I like her she likes me yadda yadda yadda and I’m home by 1 o’clock with representation and a gig in Germany. A bloody good day I think you’ll agree. Plus, the sun is shining and I’m playing a round of golf with Sparks tomorrow. Hooray for today!


Exciting Times

The New Old Friends website and this blog are being integrated and redesigned. This may or may not affect my regularity of posting. It certainly will affect the quality of today’s post, as this was it. Dull huh? At least I know it’s dull and therefore will attempt to atone at some point.

Comedy Blog!

It’s been ages since I wrote here just to be funny. This is supposed to be a comedy blog, or at least a space where I can try out little snippets of comedy gold. It seems like I’m constantly plugging here, which can’t be fun to read. (Although…) I’m currently working on variations of the Dandy Highwayman:

“I’m the randy highwayman, your money or your wife?”

“I’m the dandy highwayman, your money or your life?”
“Oh, take my life. It’s rubbish, you’re an IT technician, you live alone, not many friends, you’re welcome to it. So is it a swap basis am I now the highwayman?”

So there we go, that’s something. I’m also working on some new material; it’s a cross between velvet and lace: velvace.

Um… The leaders debate was great wasn’t it? I love that Gordon Brown is now being touted as a leader of substance. Am I the only one that would love to see what substance abuse of Gordon Brown would look like?

Oooh Chimpanzee That
April 16, 2010, 5:31 pm
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Come Monkey news from Ricky Gervais’ new show. But it does feature Stephen Merchant which is all gold.

Lazy Blog
April 14, 2010, 9:09 pm
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I’m sorry. I’m really tired. Yesterday was my birthday. These guys rock.


I’ve been on the book of face for most of the day today. Professionally mind you. I’ve been appointed the administrator for the Natural Theatre Company’s facebook presence, which is fun. I’ve spent the day creating events and photo albums etc. You should go over and sign up, it really is a fantastic company and I’ve very proud to be part of it.

You should also sign up to New Old Friends’ fan page. It’s awesome. You’ll get advance booking info, special facebook only offers, access to videos and generally a whole smorsgasboard of goodness. So go, join up and then tell ALL your friends to do the same. That way we get money from  the Arts Council. We hope.

Woods learns to swing from Couples

The tag-line is a Masters golf gag for you all there. Fred Couples leads Tiger Woods by two if you’re interested.

So today I am bed-ridden. I’ve been suffering with an irritating cold for over a fortnight today and this morning my beautiful girlfriend had enough of being kept up at nights and made me ring NHS Direct and then prescribed a whole lot of rest today. I’m gutted. Alright, not really it should give me a chance to finish off the Arts Council application which has taken FAR too long.

In fact it’s taken so long that I’ll have to remove the bit about promoting the show at the Arthur Smith gig because we’ve already done it!

So that’s my day today, in bed with the lap-top catching up. That is, until about 2ish when I’ll slip out to play tennis with a mate. Golden.