An Actor's Life

We need you!

Well we have re-cast little Adrian Hamilton in the form of Doron Davidson. Doron is very lovely. He is an ex-lawyer would you believe, we’re thinking of filing a lawsuit against someone just to test his story out. He is a whopping great 6’5″ making me no longer the tallest in the company and bringing the average height of the group to 6’3″ which must be some kind of comedy record. Surely.

His audition blew us away, we dropped the C-bomb in his monologue and then laughed heartily at our sketches, good signs. We thought it very brave to C-bomb potential employers, particularly as one of them is a girl with a particularly squeemish attitude to the word. Of course he didn’t know that at the time. So anyway, he popped over last night to take some shots that I could then photoshop into a lovely little flyer to promote the show. Ian at the Rondo has kindly agreed to print up some double sided flyers with this on one side and an Anti-Panto preview on the other which we will distribute at our Arthur Smith gig.

Doron is the one at the top of the flyer, you didn’t think I’d let you go without begging for feedback did you?! It has gone to print today as a flyer, but we like it so much we think we’re going to keep it as the poster, but before we do that please please please share your thoughts. Oh an book tickets, it’s piss funny.

Promotional materials for Sketchy at Best

Come see the show it's awesome!

Don’t you think he bears a bit of a resemblance to Josh? Only a bit obviously. A sort of more grown up Josh?

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