An Actor's Life

Black berries….

I have a Blackberry, I have entered the world of smart phones and don’t feel any smarter. Of course my smart phone isn’t all that smart because I refuse to pay the £5 roaming internet charge so can only surf in a wi-fi zone which I can do on my laptop anyway. So really I just have a phone, slightly larger than normal with a full qwerty keyboard. Excellent. I have fat thumbs. Qwerty keyboard suddenly not so much of a boon. Maybe I’ll trade it in for the £88 these recycle sites are offering me and get a cheap phone that isn’t smart. Ideally I’d like a witty phone, witty is so much nicer than smart.

In answer to the question “How did you sleep?” Smart answers “I allowed my brain to relinquish consciousness.” Whereas, as covered previously, witty will always reply “With my eyes shut.” Gold.

Answers in the comment box what is the officially witty answer to “I’m going to put the kettle/TV on?”


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