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Once again apologies for missing some days last week, I got busy. I don’t mean I ‘got busy’ in the hopping on the good foot doing the bad thing sense. I couldn’t do that for three straight days, I’d get sore. Besides, I wouldn’t tell you guys about it either, my mum reads this. You’re sick for even thinking it, why would I tell my mum I’m too busy doing the nasty to write my blog? Why wouuld I do that? Why? Why? Ahem.

I was busy with New Old Friends related activities. The Wednesday was missed attending a touring seminar held by the fantastic Mark Makin, in relation specifically to touring Anti-Panto but more generally getting our work out there. Again I feel the need to clarify my vernacular choice at this point; I’m using out there to mean ‘out of here into there, with there being theatres and performance spaces across the country’ as opposed to making our work out there as in weird. Ahem. The day was fantastic full of great insight and generally a brilliant confidence builder, if you get a chance to work with Mark do so.

Thursday I returned to the arduous business of funding application. Primarily we’re looking to the Arts Council for funding (although if your pockets are partcularly heavy and want to donate some tax-deductable dosh to “The hottest comedy team in the South West” get in touch) and the form you have to fill in for them is pretty hardcore. However, I had an illuminating meeting with the officer for my area and he told me that the form is the foot in the door, and that the real juice should be in the ‘proposal’. I thought, “I’m not watching a shitty Sandra Bullock movie, I do wanna rent Blind Side though…” but he clarified. In the blurb they say that if you can’t fully articulate your idea in fifty words to elaborate in an attached proposal. I, believing brevity the soul of wit (in which case is “…” the funniest gag in the world?) was shoe-horning and abbreviating my ass off. Armed with my new knowledge however I relaxed and started to cover the 5 main areas specified over the 2,500 word guide limit. I was using the hardcopy help pack I’d requested. However, the Arts Council have recently gone all online and the new system only allows for 2,000 bloody words, so my lovingly crafted prose requires some pruning. And that, dear friends,¬†was Thursday.

Friday I was lazy and couldn’t be arsed.

As for today? Well I’ve sorted through¬† the applications we got for Sketchy at Best and if you applied our response should be sat in your inbox. If we’re not seeing you, don’t be offended. Chances are you were just a bit rubbish. No, chances are that you don’t fit the look we’re after or failed to reply to our Email asking for a funny story.

So that is us all caught up. Phew.


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it’s a good feeling to get caught up, isn’t it? good luck with your application

Comment by davisw

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