An Actor's Life

A chance to perform at the Bristol Old Vic

So today I got an Email from the Bristol Old Vic offering me a role in their latest production… I know!

Sadly, the role was that of hat model and the invitation went out to anyone else on their mailing list. They need 100 extras basically and don’t want to pay them any more than the cost of two tickets. I got all excited then for a second, did you? Not that excited you saucy devil, put it down you don’t kn0w where it’s been.

In better news, met with the Arts Council’s officer for the area yesterday and it went tolerably well. He didn’t laugh heartily and say “A mug like you wants ten graaaand?” But then I suppose we weren’t in a Danny Dyer film. I’ve got a lot of work to do for the application, it’s much more labour intensive than I previously thought but then £10,000 is a lot of money. Especially now. I did mention you lot, my faithful readers. There are about 200 of you a month, which is lovely, only a fraction of you have subscribed though. It would be awfully helpful of any of you who wish it to subscribe. When I break 10% I’ll run a competition for wonderful prizes in return for your undying devotion.

Ta ta for now….


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