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Keep ’em Coming

Oh, I wrote this yesterday but for some reason it didn’t post. So here it is again.

So the submissions keep rolling in. We’ve assembled a nice looking short list, but we still feel there is someone out there who fits the bill perfectly. The ideal situation is a short (sub 5′ 10″) man with non-brown hair and a beard. But the real killer is comic timing, you don’t have to be personally funny in terms of what you say (it helps) but you need to know WHEN to say it. There is a wave to good timing; it starts fairly high, so if you come in quick you get a good laugh, it then tails off for a bit with the expected laugh getting smaller, then at some point it peaks and if you hit that you get a monster rolling laugh. The problem is that the peak point is constantly changing based on your audience, preceeding gags, type of gag etc. If you think you’ve got that instinct please let us know at mail[at]

When you’re applying bear in mind you’re applying for a comic role, simple “I’d like to be seen for this.” Messages are a bit dull, take a shot even if you miss we’ll at least think about it.


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