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February 9, 2010, 1:33 pm
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Ok, this is an urgent request for help. I have to get the posters for the sketch show out and I can’t decide which way to go. If you could look at these and give me everything and anything you think about them. Which name is better, layout, typeface etc nothing is too petty. They’re saved as fairly low-quality files so I’m aware of that.

"Three headed monster"

All thoughts on this and the other wanted.


Again thoughts please


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For me, the one with the three people is far and away the best.


Comment by cherilaser

Just some thoughts…
The first one seems to be a little cluttered, but I like that you have all 3 people on if you’re using the phrase “hottest comedy team”. Maybe a postal box with letters sticking out of it, with the faces on the envelopes? Or if you’re using the “Sketchy at Best” you could turn the faces into sketches?

Comment by breaaire

I think top one best but maybe keep type face same throughout? ‘Sketchy at best’ good phrase but don’t like type.
Does for one night need to be as big?

Comment by Jane C Woods

I like the top one best – ‘Sketchy at Best’ – can this be straight text…I agree with your mum, I love the phrase but not sure on the type and the shadowing. Love the three faces…makes me want to go and see the show..definately the first one with a few little ‘tweeks’ and it will be perfect.
Amy Trevaskus @ Hartland Creative

Comment by Amy Trevaskus

Thank you all so much for your comments. I’m going to put this out for another day and try and drum up some more feedback. Amy, you’re welcome to come see the show if you message me before I’ll even set a ticket aside for free as a thank you for the feedback.

Comment by feargy

I like each of them, but I probably prefer the look of the first one and the “Sketchy at Best” name. Like your mom, I’d be tempted to reduce the size of “for one night only” so it doesn’t look, even for a sec, like the name of the show.

Comment by Jay

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