An Actor's Life

Morning glories

So it would seem you lot at morning people. Either that or you don’t respond well to my lazy-ass last few posts. Readership has dropped since I moved to my later posting time, but as I say it has coincided with a drop in creativity from my point of view.

Some jokes for you all:

I know condom manufacturers hate Catholics but calling the gel spermicide? That’s not going to help is it? Why not just call it holocum? Actually that sounds like dirty Star Trek talk. Maybe gizocaust is better. Or; Apply the final solution all over your member… I think I’m done making spunk/jew jokes now there not in good taste. But I’ve been reliably informed that spunk tastes bad so until I hear from an anti-semitic cannibal I guess it’s fair game.

Speaking of religion, I’ve recently become a Hindu partly because I love the whole polytheitic thing (more than one god) “Oh my god, and my other god, and the other one, and another, Oh all my gods!” But also because I have become convinced of the truth in reincarnation, so much so that I’ve just changed my will to leave everything to myself!

I’ve probably pissed off three of the world’s largest religions there; Catholics, Jews and Hindus.Good work Fearg, at least their largely the sort to write strongly worded letters as opposed to wear strongly explosive jackets. tata


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