An Actor's Life

Ho hum…

Today I feel a lack of energy. I should have a Lucozade. Maybe I will. More likely I wont. Ah well. Ho hum, ho hum, ho hum.

I have just written to the Bristol Old Vic in the hope of getting an audition. I say hope, that is probably pushing it. Off chance is more suitable. I like the Old Vic, I enjoy the sense of easy familiarity with a dead monarch. I wouldn’t want to be too familiar with one though, isn’t that what got Macbeth into all that trouble? Speaking of Macbeth, have I shared with you the delightful Ben Crystal’s observation on why it is the ‘unluckiest’ play in the world?

All Shakespeare is rights-free and most is bloody good, so he gets performed alot in general.

Macbeth is one of the shorter and more famous of Shakespeare’s work, so gets performed more than most.

It has a lot of characters, so is performed by amateur dramatic groups often.

It is largely set at night, in the dark.

It has the most amount of sword-fights of any Shakespeare, so you have a lot of productions, by untrained actors waving swords around, in the dark. Doesn’t take a genius to work out that someone’s losing an eye.


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