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The ‘gasm game

Ok, so here’s the game; You think of a type a ‘gasm and then the kind of sex that goes with it.

For example; boregasm  is really dull sex, not to be confused with boargasm which is sex with a wild pig and very rarely dull. There are loads, sex on the carpet is floorgasm, sex at the entrance to the room? Doorgasm. The kind of sex that leaves you crying out for it again? Moregasm, or as we in theatre say the encoregasm!

I think my personal favourite so far has to be Sex with an Irish folk group – Corrgasm!

Please suggest your own.


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Sex with a prostitute – Whorgasm

Comment by Lady M's gusset

Excellent work. Of course it’s also against-the-law-gasm!

Comment by feargy

Sex in the trenches – wargasm
sex without lubricant – soregasm
Sex with a wild pig – boregasm
sex in a shop – storegasm
Sex by the sea – shoregasm
Sex not by the sea – in shoregasm
Sex while asleep – snoregasm

Do i win something?

Comment by Lady M's gusset

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