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Lovin it like that…

Craig David is all over my…boink. And DJ it’s all up to meeeee.

I think Craig David is in fact now just all over. Which is a shame really, his incessant name-dropping (his own) was very funny. I wonder if in twenty or so years, as trends go, there will be a UK garage revival. Imagine a world in which puffa-jackets with faux-fur hoods are ‘retro’. Of course Monsieur le David owes it all to that Dickensian dj duo Artful Dodger. Brilliant name, lack of cheesey cockneyisms though.

I’m still struggling with the fact that this is the future, which is a tough one. The problem is, that no sooner have you announced it’s the future, it’s the past. But my I live in a head-space where January 2010 will ALWAYS be futuristic. Saying twentyten sounds really odd to me, I could totally deal with nineteenninetysix which is way more cumbersome, but twentyten with it’s alliterative goodness just sounds odd. The Twentytwelve Olympics are similarly worrying.


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if that bothers you try saying the year Two-Thousand and Ten. It somehow more bothersome than Two-Thousand and six etc…

Comment by Golgamus Prime

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