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I love the NFL

The NFL is awesome. The NFL is an acronym, for those of you who don’t know, for National Football League. Both, the National and Football parts are pre-fixed with a silent American. Almost certainly one of only ten silent American’s in the world. The NFL is gearing up for it’s big game, this weekend we have the final two play-off games to decide who’ll get to face off in the Super-Bowl! I love that such a masculine sport’s ultimate trophy is camp crockery “Oh, this bowl is just super!” But the Super-Bowl is wicked, and I love it. The match-ups this weekend are the Jets against the Colts, which is a fairly neutral sounding game to outsiders, whereas the other side of the coin sounds, frankly biblical.

Vikings versus Saints! Come on, Thor takes on St Christopher, Leif Eriksson against Alban. It’s a brilliant brilliant title for an awful B-movie. Guys with horny helmets against guys in hair shirts! What could be better. I’ll let you know whether the Valahallans or the martyrs win.


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NHL is better.

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