An Actor's Life

Am I a henchman?
January 15, 2010, 3:57 pm
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I am exhausted, which while tiring has provided me a subject for this blog. Why is one never simply hausted? “I slept so well last night, I am quite hausted now and ready for the day.” Possibly inhausted would work? I am feeling this lack of haust due to shoving some furniture around, a lack of sleep, the weather, and a particularly tiring meeting about a problem with a project that not only did I not have the power to solve, I had already discussed over the phone to the same end as the hour long face-to-face.

Particularly galling moments were me – “It’s not perfect, but I’ll guess we’ll deal with it.” Them – “It’s not a perfect situation, but in this line of work you just have to deal with it.” I think perhaps I was not being listened to. Who knows, maybe I was playing the role of side-kick to a cartoon villain “We could always dress up as sheep to get past security?” “SHUT UP FEARG, I’ve had a brilliant idea…We’ll dress up as sheep to get past security!” Sigh.



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