An Actor's Life

Lying next to a beautiful lady.

I am. She’s right there. She’s very beautiful. I’m not bragging. Ok, I am. I was reading (in my loo library) Guy Browning’s excellent Never Hit a Jellyfish with a Spade and he was pondering whatever happened to the love that dare not speak it’s name? We seem to live in an age where love will not keep it’s irritating mout shut. Its not just smug people who’ve found it either. I know how lucky I am to have what I have, I don’t need to be reminded by other people. Valentine’s day is symptomatic of this obsession with luurve. It’s basically a day set aside for couples to feel smug (and then pay a hefty fine in the way of meals and cards) and for single people to wallow (and then pay a hefty fine in the way of drinks and ice cream.) I think the whole exercise should be canned. If you’re in a relationship it’s impossible to be romantic on the day because they’re expecting it, and the greatest weapon of romance is suprise, and consideration, ok the two greatest weapons of romance are suprise and consideration….I’m not continuing with that, I have a point. So if your beloved is waiting for a Niagra Falls of rose petals and you can only provide a light showering, you’re stuffed. Even if it’s a power shower. Unless you can somehow find a pulse setting.

So there you have it, a bah humbug Valentine rant more than a month early. She really is beautiful though.



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