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The year begins!

Don’t worry faithful (and remarkably consistent readership, who are you all? Comment and tell me!) I’ve not completely lost my grasp of the Gregorian calendar. I am aware that the futurisitic year of 2010 started roughly seven days ago, but today. The 7th of January marks the day that my year starts rolling along on a, hopefully, gradual incline starting today with a meeting about two of many New Old Friends related projects. This is to be the year I solidify the company as “One of the hottest comedy teams in the South West.” Thank you Somerset Times. As alluded to yesterday, there are various irons in various fires and if idioms have taught me anything it’s to strike when said stoking tools are hot. Of course someone who learns through idiom is undoubtedly an idiot so don’t get your hopes up.

Ok so the projects;

A youth theatre project with the Natural Theatre Company, culminating in two comedy street walks.

A mis-information tour of the historic Roman Baths after hours with added access.

A full-length one-night stand of the sketches we’ve been writing for the Bonbon Cabaret.

Working alongside the great Arthur Smith as part of the Bath Comedy Festival.

Writing and performing the Rondo Theatre’s 2010 Christmas show The Anti-Panto.
The meeting today concerns numbers 1 & 2, which should be good. So that is the New Old Friends manifesto for this election year. Personally I want another national TV spot and to perform Shakespeare properly in front of a paying audience. So a quiet year then.



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Damn, that sound’s so easy if you think about it.

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