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Mexican Cheese Racist?
January 6, 2010, 4:29 pm
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Title comes from a search term some used to end up at my blog. What an staggering title. I’m not sure how I became listed as a Mexican Cheese Racist, or even perhaps the MCR. I guess it goes back to my “Nacho cheese” joke, and some musings on the subject of race in comedy, I certainly hope so. The more I use it the more I quite enjoy the notoriety of being a/the MCR. I should point out that I abhor racism and I’m not too fond of Mexican cheese either, but the title is nice.

So, still not exactly firing on all cylanders; for example I can’t spell cylander, cilander, cyllendar? (Cylinder spell check informs me.) But then I suppose in this age of green politics resting some of your cylinders is eco-friendly. Like driving a hybrid rather than a V8. If anyone questions my dull wits I’ll simply say I’m saving the world. Which even if they don’t get the extended metaphor they’ll assume that protecting the planet in my spare time is taxing my brain to the point where conversation is a bridge too far.

Work news coming soon.


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