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New Year’s Eve
December 31, 2009, 9:03 am
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I am in bed. I feel terrible. I feel like last night I went out and drank an awful lot, then came back and drunk some more, then not happy with that decided to wash it all down with extra alcohol. I did none of that, although I still tentatively plan to do so this evening. Last night what I actually did was; go to the supermarket with friends to be stocks for this evening’s very small soiree’  and also purchrased some sweeties for our impending trip to the cinema.

The plan was to revel in the 3D awesomeness of Avatar, but due to our friends’ chronic disorganisation and a touch of something ugly we missed the film. So we came back and watched the first installment of the Rocky box-set I got for Christmas. I had forgotten quite how little happens in that first film. To stave off my hunger for the eye-lid cutting and the shouting, not to mention the montage, I stuffed my face with two people’s worth of confectionary. Which is why I now feel rough. Very rough. Still I’m sure it’s nothing 6 hours stood in the cold talking nonsense to people followed by hearty amounts of celebratory booze wont fix.

Happy  New Year to all.


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Glad you like your Christmas present! ;op

Comment by Laura

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