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Gotta love a try-er.

I love how many people are attracted to my blog by searching “Feargy Nude”. They are here, I assume, searching for pictures of the Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie in the buff but what they are greeted with is me in Germany in a nude suit. That has to be a huge let down. Of course this blog is will now be tagged with ‘Fergie nude’ spelt in the correct manner along with the incorrect Feargy which I use as my name. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to reconcile myself with the fact that alot of people reading this are in a state of dissapointed arousal. But then again aren’t most internet users in a constant state of dissapointed arousal?

I’m not sure if I’ve shared with you the delightful Lucy Porter’s coinage “Procrasturbation” it describes the wank you have whilst online just to kill time. Not my joke, Lucy Porter’s. It is great though. I’m working again down in Roman mason land again this afternoon, I’ll be photographed somewhere in the region of 100 times an hour while I’m there. Every day I go to work and I close in on Princess Diana’s record of being the most photographed Brit. I doubt my funeral will stop the country though. It could, but I doubt it.


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so you’re saying you’re not Fergie? 🙂

Comment by davis

Sadly not, can you believe she’s now in an Oscar tipped film?

Comment by feargy

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