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This is my last day of work before Chrimble. I’ll be in Roman land, which should be a bit of a laugh as today was the day that the Romano-Britons celebrated Saturnalia, which was their equivalent. They would bring greenery indoors, decorate with pretty lights and give each other gifts. What does that sound like? Some cynics have suggested that the Christians simple appropriated Saturnalia to sway the largely unbelieving population that Christianity wasn’t all doom and martyrs on sticks. However, there is a Christian counter-theory (isn’t there always?) it argues that while the Biblay makes absolutely NO mention of Dec 25th being of any import whatsoever it does mention the date 25th March as being when the Angel visited Mary to say that God had…you know…knocked her up. If you work forward nine months voila!

With the whole “I am your God! Oh, by the way you’re pregnant.” Does that make Yahweh our first absentee dad of record? I mean, he’s all powerful but couldn’t even swing the poor buggers a room in even the shadiest of Bethlehemian Holiday Inns? Not cool dude, not cool.

Anyway, enough religious rilings lets enjoy the festivities!

Oh, I won’t be blogging again until the 28th now so enjoy.


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How scary – I chose exatly the same You Tube vid for my final weekly newsletter at work!

Comment by Laura

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