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Just found out that New Old Friends’ Mate  was mentioned in Venue Magzine’s review of 2009. Which is rather good news – “caps doffed to Bath outfit New Old Friends whose Mate made Men Behaving Badly look like Ibsen.” I’m fairly sure it’s a compliment, if not all press is good press they say.

For some reason there was no blog on Friday which is odd. Friday I was still buzzing after another excellent evening at Bonbon’s Cabaret, we seem to be something of a hit there with the audience not only listening to us (no guarantee for all acts) but also laughing heartily in the right places. I think laugh of the night probably went to our angry Christian Christmas lament “Everyone’s a Christian in December.”

Also on the bill on Thursday was Canadian comedian Craig Campbell if you can get a chance to see him do so. He hosts a regular comedy night in Tiverton, Devon on the first Monday of every month. January the 4th looks set to be an absolute winner with Edinburgh Festival legend Brendan Burns set to appear. If you’re in the area go, if you’re not in the area but a fan of really really good stand-up and have access to a car. Go.

We were booked for the next Bonbon in February, but now there is some confusion as to whether or not we will be on the bill. Will keep you all posted. We can now confirm that we’re going to be working with top-stand up Arthur Smith in the new year. We’ve spoken about it briefly and have no idea whatsoever as to what form it will take other than it will be very funny.

Sports news; Pittsburgh Steelers finally broke their 5-game losing streak with a heroic win over Green Bay last night. I love that about 90% of reader have no idea what that means.


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